2015-2016 National Junior Honor Society Officers Elected

                                                                                                      NJHS Officers
 President: Naomi Ferenczy
Vice-President: Darian Briody
Secretary: Eliza Baxter
Treasurer: Ashraf Matter
                                                   2015-16 Supply Lists

Grade 5 Final Supply List
Grade 6 Supply List
Grade 7 Supply List
Grade 8 Supply List

A Message From Student Council President Ayla VanKuren 
Ayla and John  
  I'm very excited to announce we have successfully replaced most of the mirrors. Since they are expensive they will be slowly replaced throughout the summer. I'm also happy to see such a big turnout for the meetings. All the students that come have great ideas! Again you don't really have to 'join', you can just show up. John and I love to hear and see everyone.

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